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Blackout Concept is a high-end watch customization company.
Blackout Concept is not affiliated and non commercial relationship with any third party brand it customizes.
Legal reproduction of famous iconic watches.


General provisions

1.1 These sales and delivery conditions apply to the sale and delivery of products offered on the website https://blackoutconcept.com. Please read all the conditions of sale and delivery before ordering a product on this website. By ordering one of our products, you automatically agree to the terms described below.
1.2 At the end of the control operation, please click on the button “I agree” if you agree to these terms of sale and delivery. We remind you that the refusal of the conditions of sale and delivery does not allow you to order the items offered on this website.
1.3 This website is operated by

Vortex Industries SARL
29, rue de la Cité
1204 Geneve Switzerland
Tel .: +41 22 310 00 01,
Blackout concept attached to Altmore Business SA.

email: info@blackoutconcept.com

2. Your status

2.1 If you order an item on our website, you vouch that the following conditions are met: 2.1.1 You are entitled to enter into binding contracts;
2.1.2 You are aged at least 18 years.

3. Purchase of goods, processing of the order

3.1 The order of a product on this website is considered an offer for the purchase of a product in accordance with these terms of sale and delivery.
3.2 After placing an order, you will get your email confirmation in which is mentioned that we have learned of your order. We wish to inform you that this does not mean that your order has been accepted since all orders are subject to approval by Blackout concept which reserves before any acceptance of your order and to secure transactions and fight against fraud, the right to ask you: – either to confirm by telephone certain information about your order, or – to transmit identity justifications (eg photocopy of the identity card). In case of non-compliance of these requests within the time specified if any, Blackout concept reserves the right to cancel your order.
3.3 If the products ordered are not available, you will be notify by email. You will then have the choice to wait until the item is available again or cancel the order.
3.4 We confirm the acceptance of your order by sending you an order confirmation by email. This leads to a legally binding contract between the two parties.
3.5 This contract only for products which we confirmed the delivery of the order confirmation document. We are not forced to deliver other products possibly making parts of your order, unless the delivery of these products has been confirmed in a separate order confirmation.
3.6 Pre-order, the amount collected for a pre-order is used to manufacture the watch. Pre-orders will be delivered within 6 months maximum. If not, we will proceed to the refund. The information contained on the advertisements is only informative and not contractual.
3.7 The photos of our site are not contractual, they represent more closely the model that will be delivered, there may be small nuances, which does not change the design or the overall appearance.

4. Price and payment

4.1 The price of a product corresponds to the respective data shown on the website, except in cases of obvious errors.

VAT (percentage currently in force) is included in the prices shown. Shipping fees are not included in the price; these are identified separately in the supply side. Before sending the command, unit prices, shipping included, are again shown separately, as the total price.

All prices include tax.  Vortex Industries SARL and Blackout are not currently subject to the collection of VAT in Switzerland. This is likely to change at any time and prices adjusted accordingly.

4.2 Our website contains a large number of products, and even by bringing all possible care, it is not excluded that some prices displayed on our website are wrong. Normally, we conduct a verification of the accuracy of prices in the shipping process. If the current price of a product is less than the price we have indicated, the lowest amount will be the amount applied during delivery of the product. If the current price is higher than stated on the website, we will either contact you before delivery of the product or we rejèterons your order, while informing you, though évidemment.4.3 We are not required to you deliver a product to a wrong price (lowest price), if the pricing error is obvious and you would easily able to detect that the price quoted was wrong, even if we have already sent you a confirmation the order with the wrong price.
4.4 Payment can be made with credit cards described in the ordering process. We will indicate the amount to be paid in the order confirmation. The payment must be made before delivery of the products. We charge the amount due on your bank account just before delivery of the products. We are entitled to postpone delivery of the products until we have received full payment of the ordered products.
4.5 All holders of a credit card are subject to a validity check by the card issuer who must also authorize the holder to use the card. Personal data of the credit card holder that are necessary for checks can be exchanged with third parties. If the issuer of the credit card did not authorize the payment, delay or non-delivery of the order we can not be charged.
4.6 Vortex Industries is not responsible for interbank exchange differences and will not refund them.

5. Delivery

The delivery will in principle be made within 48 to 72 hours, excluding weekends and holidays, from the date of the order, if nothing else has been explicitly agreed at the time of the order, execution of the order, such as pre-orders ranging from 30 to 60 days.
5.2 The delivery address is the data indicated in the confirmation of the order. For practical reasons, it is sometimes desirable to send more products in the same command several times (split shipment). If this is the case, this will be mentioned in the notice of shipment. If this resulted in increased delivery costs, we would send the products in installments (partial delivery) without your express consent only if the higher fees you have already been provided at the conclusion of the contract.
5.3 If we are not able to meet the delivery time set and the new delivery date can not be established within 30 days after the order date, we will then contact you, to send you the new date Delivery. If you refuse the corrected delivery date and that we are not able to deliver the product (s) (s) within 30 days from the original date of your order or the delivery date eventually agreed to concretely, it is possible to cancel the order without this generates costs and the purchase price you paid will be refunded in full. If several products are delivered in installments (partial delivery), delivery will be made within 30 days after execution of the order, if nothing else has been agreed at the time of execution of the order .

6. Transfer of risk and ownership

6.1 The product becomes your property as soon as payment of the full purchase price (shipping included) was made in full or product delivery has been made, this depending on the scenario that comes first . We may at any time require the return of products before transfer of ownership if you violate these terms of sale and delivery.
6.2 The transfer of risk takes place with delivery. Risks within the meaning of that provision relate to the liability for product damage or damage caused by its use, handling or storage.

7. Right of withdrawal

7.1 You can cancel your contract statement (order) within 10 days by mentioning a valid reason, either in writing(eg. Letter, e-mail). The period begins upon receipt of the goods. So that the withdrawal period is complied with, simply send the withdrawal or the goods on time. The revocation should be addressed to : Vortex Industries SARL 29 rue de la cité 1204 Geneve Switzerland.
7.2 If the retraction was successful, we will refund the price paid, provided that the goods arrive at Blackout concept unused and in original condition. The expenses generated by the return of the goods you incumbent if the goods delivered correspond to the goods ordered.
7.3 Products / watches customized / modified at the request of the customer, are not refunded, an exchange or a credit may have however agreed.
7.4 Promotional products / watches, with discount, are not refunded, an exchange or credit may have agreed.
7.5 Promotional products / watches, sold out within 48 hours, a weekend or a large order, for example, will not be refunded. A credit will be automatically granted on the stock.

8. Warranty

8.1 If the product is damaged or that imperfection of any kind is found, repair the product Blackout concept immediately – after assessment – or will deliver a replacement once the damaged or defective product received by the company.
8.2 Warranty Watches: All watches offered for sale on this website are provided with an international lifetime warranty issued by the Blackout concept for defects in material or workmanship. The general terms of warranty included on the international guarantee certificate provided with each watch.
8.3 Warranty claims must be conducted with Blackout concept by returning the product should be annexed to the guarantee request a room on which the purchase date is indicated. The following documents are accepted as proof of purchase:
8.3.1 an international guarantee certificate with seal and date,
8.3.2 the original invoice or the original delivery note,
8.3.3 a bank statement or credit card extract.
8.4 If no invoice is available, we can at most give a guarantee Based on the date of the sale of the product.
8.5 Products that are returned based on this guarantee must be sent by package to the following address: Vortex Industries SARL – 29 rue de la cité – 1204 Genève – Suisse
8.6 This warranty does not in any way limit the future warranty claims and entitlement to discounts, retractions or damages legally accruing to the buyer. The watches taken as collateral, all evidence must show dysfunction of the problem in the production of motion or other components of the watch. Are used as collateral, the associated damage of any evidence to shocks, falls, crushing or other who does not undertake the responsibility of Blackout concept.
8.7 All packages returned for warranty declared at the wrong value with taxes to be paid will be refused. The returns of watches must be declared,
like: Watch for repair under warranty, VALUE: 10 €
8.8 The return costs are the responsibility of the customer even in case of sending error.

9. Liability

9.1 Blackout concept is liable for damages in connection with the guarantee or other legal bases – in particular the rights to unlawful acts, mistakes related to the organization of misconduct when the contract is concluded or any rights related to other offenses following a breach of duty – only if it is proved that Blackout concept or its auxiliaries have committed criminal intent or gross negligence or that the injury is related to the law of product liability. The exclusion in case of simple negligence liability is not valid for damages for the injury to life, physical injuries or health; it is the same in case of fraudulent concealment of defects. In the above cases, Blackout concept also takes responsibility when acts of minor negligence committed by its legal representatives or assistants.

10. Miscellaneous

10.1 Transfer of rights and charges. The contract between you and us is considered binding on you and us and our respective successors. You may not transfer, assign, charge or otherwise dispose of the delivery right to the goods ordered and defined in the contract, without obtaining written our prior agreement.
10.2 Severability. If any provision of these terms of sale were partly or wholly ineffective, the effectiveness of other provisions remain valid.
10.3 Electronic communication. By browsing our website, you agree that communication – in line with the legislation in force – be made electronically. We will contact you via your email address or via postal mail at the address you provided us
10.4 Contact address Blackout concept, send us a letter to:

Vortex Industries SARL
Blackout Concept
29 rue de la cité
1204 Genève – Suisse

or email to info@blackoutconcept.com

10.5 Court of jurisdiction and applicable law. To the extent that this is legally permissible, Geneva is the exclusive jurisdiction for all disputes related to these terms of sale and delivery. Blackout concept is also entitled to bring legal action before the competent court of the customer’s home.
10.6 These conditions of sale and delivery are subject to Swiss law. The United Nations Convention on the International Sale of Goods (CISG) is not applicable.