B.O.C coating* is a mark of Blackout Concept.

After long months of research and test, we developed an exceptional black treatment. It is 2 times more resistant than a DLC treatment and 3 times more resistant than a PVD treatment !

The BOC black treatment is a unique inovation created after many years of research thanks to the assistance of physics engineers in Geneva. They have also found the best ultrasound treatment possible, thanks to chemicals NGL of Nyon (VD). The preparation before treatment is of great importance.

When the maximum result is obtained, our work can start.

We will keep secret our technology of manufacture. We will certainly be for a long time the only company to offer a life warranty on a black surface treatment. Our technics brings a result of an uncomparable glare to the brilliant black or of an exceptional deep mat black.

We are close to ceramics by keeping the grades of the steel. BOC treatment is unscratchable.

B.O.C coating = Quality, Hardness, Longevity

Avantages :

  • The steel can not be scratched (BOC Treatment)
  • Perfect treatment on articulated parts, bracelets, deploying loops, push rods, etc…
  • Deposit matter can not be seen to the clear eye…
  • Exceptional results…
  • Lifetime warranty

Professionals of the clock industry do not hesitate to contact us in order to benefit from our a new revolutionary treatment.