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Ocean master

Specifications: Size 44 mm
Swiss Made / Ronda Movement Quartz H / M / S Date
Case: (PC) High resistance
Background: engraved and numbered
Ice: sapphir / buckle BLACKOUT Comes with 1 NATO AND RUBBER BRACELET
Waterproof 100m / 10 Atm
Lifetime warranty
High quality of manufacture
For men / women

Value CHF 249.-

Delivered by DHL within 48 hours

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This week let’s discover the Swiss watches Blackout Concept. A brand whose links with the automobile are numerous, as you will see.

Blackout Concept was created in 2006 by Fabrice Letellier, a watchmaking enthusiast whose past is essentially automotive. After being a professional race driver, he ran an engine preparation company.

In the early 2000s, he appreciates customization and circulates in black matte cars with black rims … hence the idea of ??declining this concept in watchmaking!

Amazing activity for some, Blackout Concept realizes the customization of prestige watches. An activity carried out in Switzerland by Swiss watchmakers qualified and perfectly able to intervene on Rolex for example. This customized customization allows to create a unique watch, which can for example be made on a Rolex.

The brand also offers its own models since 2015, such as this Pilot P-01 Chrono Concept watch. A desire to create a range of quality and affordable quartz watches.

For this watch, BOC has selected a movement of the electromagnetic mecaquartz chronograph type from Miyota.

In other words, it is a hybrid movement between a mechanical watch and a quartz watch. Seiko had created the Spring Drive technology in 1998 with an electromagnetic regulator that guides a mechanical movement. The objective is to avoid any variation due to shocks or temperature variations, for example.

Designed and assembled in Geneva, this Blackout Concept watch is perfectly in the spirit of the company’s flagship customizations in terms of style.

In terms of presentation, the black stainless steel case has a retangular shape that does not go unnoticed. The matte black look continues on the easily adjustable rubber strap.

The sapphire crystal brings an appreciable solidity, for a watch usable daily without risking an unwelcome scratch. Water resistance to 100 meters, stopwatch, display of the day of the month,

On the back of the case, the number of the copy of this series limited to 300 pieces proves to us that we are dealing with a limited edition.

This Blackout Concept Pilot Watch P-01 Chrono Concept is available in several variants, no less than 6 variations that play on the colors. A box of 4 models Pilot is even proposed, for a price less than 3 watches.


Offer yourself a Swiss assembled watch at a bargain price and with a successful design: the promise of Blackout Concept is kept. The Pilot P-01 watch is attractive and pleasant to wear, and comes with a real originality.

Note that a Blackout Concept watch is guaranteed for two years, and is delivered in a beautiful box rigid, black and zipped with its certificate of guarantee.

Our thanks to Blackout Concept for the discovery of this Pilot watch, and to LTI Cars for the photo shoot with a Porsche 356.

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316L steel / PVD

Blackout concept also chose this material.
Recognized for its many qualities, stainless steel is the one that best illustrates this evolution in the dressing of wristwatches.

It is interesting to note that luxury watch brands, accustomed to gold and platinum, quickly adopted it with a preference for 316L steel – also known as surgical steel.
Robust, non-allergenic and resistant to corrosion, it sometimes benefits from surface treatments that improve its qualities, such as PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition), DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) or BOC coating (DLC base) * on our customizations.

More efficient but rarer, the 904L steel, used by Rolex, is for example exploited in the space sector and the chemical industry. The manufactures size Oyster cases in massive Oystersteel steel blocks belonging to this family of super alloys.

* The black treatment B.O.C (Blackout concept) is a unique innovation created after several years of research thanks to the assistance of physical engineers in Geneva. They also managed to find the best possible ultrasound treatment, thanks to the chemistry NGL of Nyon (VD). The preparation before treatment is of great importance.
When the maximum results are achieved, our work can begin.

We will keep our development technology secret. In addition, we will surely remain for a long time the only company to offer a 10-year warranty on the BOC (Blackout concept) treatment. Our technique brings a result of incomparable brilliance and depth of black.
We are close to the ceramic keeping the shades of steel. Also know that the treatment B.O.C (Blackout concept) does not fear the scratchs.
B.O.C. Treatment = Quality, Resistance and Longevity