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Passion For The Black

The company based in Geneva made its appearance in 2006 under the impetus of Fabrice Letellier, founder and CEO

This one, passionate watchmaker and collector in particular of Swiss watches of high-end comes from the world of the automobile.

In 2012 Black-Out Concept create an online simulator allowing to test a large number of combinations by leaving free creativity. A first on the web. BOC differs from competition in the first place by its Swiss presence. It is thus the only actor of customization in the world to propose Swiss Made.? The transformations of the watches are carried out by qualified Swiss watchmakers, all come from the great brand. The BLACKOUT concept also includes objects created from scratch, such as the famous BOC Centurion a unique motorcycle that required 4 years of work and 1000 hours, Exposed to the store of Geneva, but also ski, cigar box, candles, glasses, bracelets, polo., Caps, bags, paintings, furniture, sculptures etc …

But above all, BOC offers a unique innovative service. Indeed, in addition to the purchase of pre-customized models and models that you can acquire after customizing them, Black-Out Concept offers you a personalization service of YOUR own watch.

The company works on all models without exception. Just choose the colors and treatments to apply to the needles, counters, indexes, pushers, box, bracelet … etc and markings on the dial and the bottom of box to realize.

On the guarantee side, the intervention of Black-Out Concept on a part immediately puts an end to the guarantee of origin. BOC replaces it with a 24-month guarantee on the movement it assumes. As for the BOC coating applied to watches, the company offers a lifetime warranty. Once again pioneer in this process!

Black-Out Concept also offers a delivery service in its original state of your customized watch, revision and retreatment. At the same time, Fabrice Letellier has always wanted to create his own models, since 2008 he has worked On a model of its 100% MILLENUM creation ,? Unique piece manufactured, which will one day be offered for sale.

With his experience in the field of watchmaking design, having since many years redesigned so many models, he decided to launch his own range, inspired by his customized watches. In 2013, 2 models are born, the STRATOS a chronograph in 42mm? And the BLACKSEA a diving watch also in 42mm. These models are a great success, but they remain expensive because automatic.

It is in September 2015 that Fabrice Letellier has the idea to keep his principle inspired by his customized models and to create the range “Value parts” new high quality quartz models and a price very low. “Swiss-made, essential for the brand, with noble materials like ceramics and carbon, but continuing to use polycarbonate for its lightness and low cost. The design is at the center of the concept, the whole range is? Inspired shapes and colors used since 10 years ago. The range consists of a vigtaine of models, man and woman with many mixed models.

Keeping all custom mind, all models are customizable by the interchangeable NATO bracelet of color and different materials easily adaptable on all watches. The name now reserved for these pockets is BLACKOUT watches, the concept was removed because people always called it BLACKOUT watches. The swiss made as well as GENEVE appears on all dials, fairly unique and rare case, the brand is born and lives in Geneva.


The BLACKOUT concept also includes objects created from scratch, such as the famous BOC Centurion, a unique motorcycle that required 4 years of work and 1000 hours, displayed at the Geneva store, as well as skis, cigar humidors, candles, glasses , Jewelery, clothing, caps, bags, paintings, furniture, sculptures etc … The black and its mergers are ominous in the creations of BOC it is his dna. BOC has more than 50000 fans on facebook 200’000 on instagram 30000 on twitter etc … on the 5 continents the brand is known. It is a unique concept that has quickly found its place and its aficiaonados. Thanks to all his creations, but also by supporting his comunication on the world famous masters.

Notre ADN :

Naturally, racing is part of BOC’s adn, partly because of the years of competition made by its designer, but also by partnering with Yvan Muller 4 times WTCC world champion, or a model dedicated to him and Giorio Mondini , Winner in Gp2 ex driver F1 today registered in lmp3 on LIGIER with BLACKOUT WATCHES as sponsor, a model is also dedicated to him.