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The Carbon forged

Forged composite is a type of carbon fiber SMC material composed of small pieces of carbon fiber composite material which are pressed into shape when the resin hardens. This contrasts with most carbon fiber composites, which are made up of larger continuous layers that are “laid” one at a time, often manually. Forged composite allows a wider range of shapes to be accurately formed compared to traditional carbon fiber. The forged composite contains a higher volume fiber content which, combined with a higher variation in strand orientation, increases the average strength and reduces variability compared to standard carbon fiber. third denser than metallic titanium but more resistant, and consists of carbon fiber cables sandwiched between two layers of film-coated resin. It uses about 500,000 intertwined fibers per square inch. The fibers contain interwoven and folded sheets of carbon atoms aligned with the length of the fiber, and the interlacing has improved the strength of the fiber. The result is improved load capacity measured in flexion per unit mass. Due to its chopped nature, it can be molded in much more complex geometries than traditional carbon fiber composites, and is suitable for fabricating three-dimensional parts and parts with intricate details such as thickness transitions, holes, compound curvature, etc.
Blackout concept uses forged carbon due to the unique appearance of the material. But also for its lightness, its resistance to shocks and scratches. The structure of the Pilot P03 series gearbox becomes practically indestructible.
Blackout concept to develop this model for nearly 3 years. The result is an excellent harmony between design and performance.